November 30, 2010

Presented the Grove Today

 I added some new stuff, shifted my presentation around. I think it went well. I have another shot next Monday so I’m hoping it goes even better.

One of the things I added was an introduction on Brady’s philosophical concern for intentionality.  I showed some of the classic illustrations and then I tried to suggest how this concept influenced his methods reading and interpretting events and narrative.  I started with this drawing:


Which illustrates a part of Utnapishtim’s sleep test for Gilgamesh.  Whereas today we would say, “Gilgamesh fell asleep” the text asserts that “sleep poured over his eyes like a mist.”  I think both descriptions are available to us as sensations. Learning how the original readers of Gilgamesh understood sleep adds to what I can notice about sleep. Still though, sleep itself is known to us or at least something we are familiar with in our own way.  I then moved onto this cartoon, dealing with another familiar subject, this time a bit metaphorically (?) and I asked the class, “And then what happens?’


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