February 10, 2013

Art Projects for Groups

Art Projects for Groups, Clubs, Organizations and Businesses

Strengthen your community, paint a mural together, or create a custom art project for your group!

All projects can be focused on a skill such as drawing or painting, or explicitly on another goal you choose for your group such as community unity, fostering communication, working together, team building, intergenerational mentoring, and so on.

Collaborative Murals!

I facilitate your group in the design, layout, and final painting of a mural.  This is your mural created by your group!  This activity is for all skill levels.  Murals can be fixed in place or movable, interior or exterior. They can be of any size.  We can work together to fit your dream project into your schedule!

Community Murals – Tell the story of your group or make a display of its cherished values.  This is a great opportunity for your group to bond together and to share its message with a wider public.  We will work together to find the best visual way to tell your story.

Is there anything you know that could help a young person find their way and achieve their goals?

Mentoring Murals – This mural is an Intergenerational art project.  Mentors and youth can work together on a  visual story that you compose collaboratively.  For example, your story could be about  the passage to maturity, depictings its trials and challenges and the values that see a young adult through to the other side.  Most importantly, stand side by side with your young people and show them that step by step, and with commitment,  something big can be accomplished!

The Four Hour Mural: Yes, it is possible!  It is a speed game. I facilitate your designing and executing of a mural in just 240 minutes!  This is the perfect activity to close a Weekend Retreat or to commemorate a holiday block party!  Fun intensity finishing with the relaxing act of painting side by side.


Oral History

I have been trained in taking oral histories by Professor Rob Snyder of Rutgers Newark.  Together we designed a four session class to train young people to do oral history interviews with their elders, and to produce high quality work worthy of historical archiving.  The process includes interviewing skills, transcription, identification of themes, and archiving.  Oral history is a rich tradition, and I am thrilled to offer this training as an opportunity to create intergenerational understanding.  Share your wisdom with young people of your community, and let me help you to that end.

Forums  –  Learn to hold public forums for your oral history project.  The oral history forums take the interview format and place it in a public setting, so that members of your group can watch a lively conversation between elders and young trained interviewers. Start a video library chronicling the important stories of your group.

Archives – Learn to gather materials about your community and preserve them.  This includes transcription and indexing of your oral history interviews.

Storytelling, Creative writing, and Mentoring – The oral history programs can be combined with lessons in storytelling and creative writing, to aid your group in mentoring and creating a group identity.


Special Events, Parties & On-Site Retreats

All programs and projects listed on this site are available for special events and on-site retreats. The project is tailored to meet your budget and time frame.  This includes projects fully invented by you and me in the planning process.  Create the perfect art activity to suit your group and finish with a lasting object to commemorate your cooperation.

I can do one hour projects, four hour projects including the four hour mural, full day programs and longer projects up to 12 weeks.

On-Site Retreats

Looking for a retreat to meet your budget?  Instead of travelling to some retreat center or remote locale, I’ll come to you.  Have your retreat at your place of business.  Create a lasting symbol of your organization’s mission!  Through art, creative writing, art instruction or custom projects,  I can help your organization meet its retreat goals be they for unity, collaboration,   creativity, productivity or just a bonding experience!


How about a special activity for your special event!   Have a custom project for your guests to explore and enjoy.  They can be small individualized projects: a table where kids learn cartooning or design their own t-shirts.  Or they can be large commemorative projects which everyone co-creates: a mural or a hand-made book recording the voices present.  Tell me about your event and budget and we’ll imagine the best activity for your event!