June 3, 2012


About Kerry Dennehy Creative Services
art, education, and culture work

I spent many years as an illustrator and artist. All throughout, and with much more joy, I worked with diverse groups in various capacities:  as a professional and as a volunteer, offering various art programs and workshops, giving classroom and conference presentations, and teaching art to groups as well as one-on-one.

In 2009 I created the Pride Arts Initiative for the Newark-based nonprofit Project U.S.E.  This meant designing programming that offered the experience of creating art as a challenge based activity: like Outward Bound but with a paint brush.  To Project U.S.E.’s adventure education model, my programs also added a dimension of community service and community enhancement: while stretching themselves and discovering their abilities, young people give back to their community through the arts.

As Kerry Dennehy Creative Services, I now offer an expanded version of this art-making as challenge-based learning and community service.  I offer a wide range of instruction and programming dedicated to community and personal enrichment.

My most recent projects include the “Mentoring Mural” program, as well as the youth driven Oral History Forum, and a graphic novel course in which high school and college age young people explore their histories and their neighborhoods.  I love making art but, moreso, I love helping other people make art.

Whatever the size of your group, or the goal of your endeavor, I hope I can help you and your group make your art.  I work well with all ages and any size group!