February 16, 2012

Another Kind of Likeness

Drawn and read from right to left, lower row to upper row.  Process: On a blackboard above a flower I saw it said “Yulija loves Hector.” I encircled the words in a word balloon, a talking flower. Next to it, delighting in love, a bee says “Hooray.” At the other end of the bee a stinger too close to a Jersey frog.  I note an observation: “Frogs are practically balloons.” I wonder at this and remember a frog’s inflated throat, very like a balloon.  I draw a frog so. Next to it another not tied to a string but stuck on a pole. I write, “Frog on a tadpole.” I note another likeness, the frogs on their sides look like pigs with long legs. “Pig with long legs.” I write.   Midfebruary 2012 at the Intrinsic Cafe, Newark, New Jersey.


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